5 Main Category of Visual Art

Art has been around since the beginning of time. People from all backgrounds love to either enjoy other peoples’ art or create their own. Art is a way many people express themselves, and others use that art to decorate their space. Visual Art is a form of art that is appealing to the eye. There are many different types of visual arts, but these listed here are among the most common.


Drawing is probably the most popular form of visual art. Many people draw just for the fun of it, it is a great way to pass the time or express yourself. Drawing can be done with different things. Sketches are done with pencil and charcoal usually to get that realistic black and white effect. Pen and ink is also used in drawings, along with colored pencil, crayon and even chalk. The different mediums all are used to create a different tone in the artwork

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Painting is another one of the more popular forms of visual art. There are also different styles of painting such as watercolor, acrylic, or oil paint. Watercolor painting is done on special paper and water is used to blend and combine colors in the artwork. Acrylic and oil paint is quite similar and are both known for their vibrancy in colors and they are used to create some beautiful landscape paintings, along with flowers and wildlife as well.


Most people today own a camera, and that is the only tool you really need to start participating in photography. Photography is the art of taking pictures. It takes a special eye to see how well a group of things or a landscape will come together in pictures. Photography is broken up t a lot of different categories, such as wildlife, portrait, scenery and black and white. Different lenses do different things on a camera, making it easier to take the perfect shot for your style of photography.


Some visual art is created by shaping things with your hands and a material. Ceramics is a type of pottery, mostly used in making dishes and vases. Many people absolutely adore ceramics and love to decorate their homes with different pieces of this art.


A sculpture is a particularly creative form of visual art. It depends solely on the artists’ point of view. You take a regular lump of clay and use various methods to shape it into art. There is hand sculpting with clay, and there is also chiseling out of stone or wood with hand tools. Any way you go about it this is a very time consuming and in-depth way to express yourself through visual art.

All forms of visual art are beautiful and inspiring in their own way. Even if you are not a professional artist you should explore all different types of art and find out which one fits your personality the best. Visual art is pleasing and beneficial to both the artist and to those who get to view the artwork.